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What You Should Know About Photography

  • Photography introduction
  • What you should know
  • Resources about photography

For an individual, taking up photography can be a very fun hobby. You can do it while having a leisurely walk in the park or along a mountain trail. You can also take pictures of your kids doing day to day stuff, because let’s be honest, seeing your kids in photos when they are young is really very rewarding and nostalgic. But, how do you really take good shots when you are just a hobbyist? It is really all very useless when you take crap photos, so it is important to learn how to take photos well.


Here are a few things Cameradojo.com suggests.

  1. Always be ready and alert to take photos of day to day activities. Some may say it is pretty mundane, but I beg to disagree. There are a lot of thrilling stuff that happens every day. But you have to be alert, ready and open(in order to see it) to take a photo of it.
  2. There is beauty in rawness. A photo doesn’t have to have all the perfect elements. You do not need to spend countless hours editing it. You can do a few edits to make it livelier, but remember that a photograph is supposed to be a representation of the way you see it in your
  3. Make do with what you have. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest gears in order to take great photos. Sometimes, all it takes is a smart phone, an iPhone perhaps? Save yourself the money and only get what you need.
  4. Always have fun. Remember that this is a hobby. You’re supposed to have fun doing it, otherwise, what is the use? Do not stress over it and chances are you will get better results. Let loose and take a picture of what you like.

So those are the things you need to keep in mind when starting a photography hobby. If you need other things like tips or tutorials, you can visit Cameradojo.com. They provide a lot of useful content that you will learn a lot from. Trust me, I did!

Blockbuster Photos through Lightroom Presets

  • Presets that can create film effects on your photos
  • A collection of presets for you to create that desired photo effect
  • Editing photos like a professional with the use of these presets for Lightroom


If you’re a film buff, you would definitely love Lightroom presets. Lightroom takes your photography to the next level in that you can also incorporate film effects to your photos.


Creating film effects to your photos is no longer exclusive to filmmakers, anyone who has downloaded these film Lightroom presets are capable of producing pictures that you would normally see in films.

This is actually cinematography, mass produced, courtesy of these film Lightroom presets. You can recreate scenes of your favorite movies through these presets, something that is not possible years ago.

But when these film Lightroom presets came into the scene, it is no surprise anymore that you get to see photos that has its semblance with what these great films are producing. Images that have great drama and depth, elements that were almost impossible to achieve with the use of old-fashioned cameras.

There are other presets available for Lightroom, but these film Lightroom presets are one of its sought-after apps because of its unique features. You can clearly see the background, middle ground and foreground that has always been the mark of a great film image.

And you can now emulate the likes of film greats such as Orson Welles or Francis Ford Coppola in churning out images with texture and some complexity to it. Using these presets, nonetheless, allows you to become a film photographer, capturing scenes that are iconic in the making.

What a privilege to have these film Lightroom presets with you! It is not enough that you’re just a film buff, you need to create images also that have a film-like effect and, if possible, produce blockbuster images in the process.

Using Sports Action Camera and its Remote Control

  • Extreme sports like biking, swimming, surfing, wall climbing will never be the same again.
  • The target of most manufacturers for these action cameras are teenagers.
  • Action cameras come with a lot of freebies.

With today’s more modernized technology, extreme sports like biking, swimming, surfing, wall climbing will never be the same again. Why? It’s simple; action cameras allow people to record their exciting moments the easy way. Being able to capture wonderful and memorable events without using the hands is one of the best benefits of these cameras since they can just use the remote control to capture and record stuffs. These best sports camera available in the market are similar to any other normal cameras, however, it’s smaller, accessible, convenient and fun to use.

Basically, the target of most manufacturers for these action cameras are teenagers since they are the ones more engaged to sports. However, they are also eyeing the film industry because the camera is also suitable to record films in the most high quality possibly.

While sports action cameras are user friendly and convenient, people nowadays gets confused as to what brand will they use; the GoPro, Sony, Garmin, Xiaomi, SJ Cam and more. One realization here; when buying a camera, make sure to consider a lot of thing such as trying the camera and identify its features, read professional cameras reviewed objectively and watch videos from people who already own a camera.

Action cameras come with a lot of freebies; shock absorbent and waterproof case, different mounts, memory cards, monopods, remote control and rechargeable batteries. However, these are not enough. You still need to buy extra batteries and memory cards since you’ll never know when it will consume.

Owning an action camera with a remote control is an advantage. You need to carefully use the camera and make sure it won’t get damaged. It is your responsibility as the owner to take care of these action cameras for you to take more adventurous moments.

Going the Sleeklens Way with Wedding Photos

  • Sleeklens offering presets specifically for your wedding pics
  • Editing wedding photos through Sleeklens’ easy to handle tools
  • Putting keywords to your newly-enhanced wedding photos

If you’re planning to enhance your wedding pics to make it more stimulating to your viewers, then you need to consider this wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens.

Sleeklens is your one-stop photography store online, where collections of cool and interactive presets abound, in particular, wedding presets.


A wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens do have features that you cannot find with other photo-enhancing apps. Let’s look at these features, though, and see why Sleeklens is the place to be when you’re planning to enhance your wedding photos.

  • Easy to handle tool – A wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens is by no means easy to deal with. It becomes easy because its tools are designed to make photo editing less laborious, what with one click that you have that desired effect already. Even beginners can edit photos without exerting any effort.
  • Eclectic designs – With more than 100 presets to choose from, you can now enhance your wedding photos in a variety of ways. It would be impossible even not to come up with appropriate enhances considering there are tons of presets to use for your photos.
  • Engaging too – Putting keywords to your photo image makes photo editing even more engaging, because now you can share your work, your images, without getting lost in the process, these keywords will serve as your cue.

So these are some of the features that you can have as soon as you download a particular wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens. With its wide collection of presets, it is only a matter of time before you can come up with beautiful wedding photos that stood the test of time.

On Vintage Photography and Lightroom Presets

  • Lightroom presets for your vintage photography
  • A photo editing app that allows you to have that 3D effect on your photos
  • Free Lightroom presets online which has its own storing system for your pictures

Going vintage for your photos has its own rewards. Many people consider these vintage effects on your photos as enriching and worth your while, especially when it has a touch of nostalgia in it. That’s the reason why this preset Lightroom vintage came into the fold. It brings out those good old times that you would normally associate with vintage photography.

This preset Lightroom vintage, moreover, comes in a variety of forms and style. You can choose from its diversified collection of vintage presets so you can enhance your photos according to its appropriate solution.


But why choose this preset Lightroom vintage? What makes it so special that many are using it when they wanted something vintage with their photos? You choose these presets because of the following:

  1. It allows you to have that 3D effect – Vintage photography in Lightroom enables you to create and enhance photos with that 3D effect. So meticulous and intricate is its effect that at the end of that editing process, you see pictures that so lifelike they are too good to be true.
  2. It allows you to experiment freely – Yes, this preset Lightroom vintage comes in a diversified manner that you can enhance your photos with different combinations, editing its layers and even those lines that are so hard to edit. Fade, cinematic, infrared, all the possible effect you can think of, Lightroom vintage has it all.
  3. It allows you to store them – And it has its own storing system, too. This is a unique feature not found with other photo enhancing apps. You can even share them afterwards with your friends. Such an advantage if you can have this preset Lightroom vintage in you.

Photo editing has come a long way. If in the old days we used to seek the services of a professional photographer when it comes to vintage photography, today, however, all you need to do is scour the web and find that appropriate preset for your photos.

And this preset Lightroom vintage is one of them. So if you want something new with your photos by presenting them in vintage form, then this Lightroom vintage is definitely the preset to use.

Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Adobe Lightroom

Mastering the whole process of Adobe Lightroom is very simple. Unlike in Photoshop, wherein everything must be done manually. In Lightroom, you don’t have to confuse yourself since all you need to do is to read the manual or any helpful reviews and tutorial before using the program. In this article, we will help you understand Adobe Lightroom and its features.

LR45The program is a non-destructive tool. You don’t need to worry about everything since Lightroom will definitely secure the original setting of an image file.

In fact, Adobe Lightroom can be compared to a database which saves the images in one collection. You can also add appropriate and useful keywords, tags, or metadata, to locate your files easily.

When importing images into Lightroom, make sure to incorporate significant tags or keywords that will describe the image. Once the files are imported, you can start organizing the images, create new folders and modify one or two images at once. You can also use the different modules as your guide in creating Lightroom preset.

Essentially, the develop and library modules are the main pivots of the program. It contains significant tools that will help you save a lot of time and effort in doing several tasks.

You can complete a task in just a matter of minutes or hours, but will not exceed to a day and once you’ve fully understood the process of Lightroom, like the basic editing tools, modules, and the creation of Lightroom presets, then you’re good to go.

In addition, most Lightroom suggested that you take the time to explore and experiment Lightroom presets. Make a collection of your own and see if it will match the default presets. All you have to do is to master the tools in the presets panel so that you can create and produce high-quality Lightroom preset.

Getting To Know More of Adobe Lightrom CC/Lightroom 6

camera11The time has already come that Adobe has finally made a huge move to improve their product Adobe Lightroom. In this article, we will talk about what to expect and what not to expect in Adobe Lightroom 6.

In today’s recent release, Adobe introduced new ways to purchase Adobe Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC.

Ordinary Purchase

User’s can still purchase the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6, however, they are not allowed to enjoy free updates and online LR features.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Service

Users are suggested to subscribe to their creative cloud subscription plan to be able to use Lightroom CC, the most economical version that is intended for professional photographers. Adobe has been consistent in providing better updates and one of their biggest change is this new payment method. Adobe creative cloud service includes Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop CC, Lightroom 6, Lightroom mobile, and Lightroom web. Basically, the cost of this subscription is $10 per month, not bad for a two famous and working program. If you already subscribe to Adobe CC, you can enjoy unlimited perks such as free update, LR online features and LR mobile app.

Disadvantages of Lightroom 6

From its version release last April 21 of this year, there are a lot of improvements and developments created in Lightroom 6. However, with the stand alone version of Lightroom 6, users are very disappointed that they were being restricted to some useful benefits such as enjoying the free upgrades, and access to Lightroom online, web and mobile.

They know that with Lightroom mobile, they can easily sync images and collections of photos to and from Lightroom desktop application. Moreover, Lightroom mobile is very compatible to both Apple and Android devices.

As much as Lightroom wants to make their users happy, they also want the best for everyone who also want to enjoy one or two of their programs. Hopefully, Adobe can think of another helpful method that will benefit both the ordinary users and professional photographers.

Your Image Through HDR Photoshop Actions

If you are fond of posting photos on social media, you should be able to post or present them in a professional manner. It takes time though to be able to do that, but with the right photo-enhancing tools, you can post images that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings joy to your viewers.

photosThis is where HDR Photoshop actions take its cue. It is a photo enhancing app that lets you experiment with so many tools for that desired effect. It also allows you to present your photo images in a variety of ways, from changing its texture to the enhancement of its composition.

Free HDR Photoshop actions are available online. Photoshop is making things easy for you. You now have the tools to convert your images with that HDR effect, complete with all the detail adjustments of enhancing the said photo.

So unique is HDR Photoshop actions in that it has a feature where you can modify the layers of your photo and blending modes and other images for you to have a more clearer view of that image on your photo.

You can combine its options of Light, Normal and Heavy features for some contrast, for you to have that balance which most photos tried to have.

So check out HDR Photoshop actions now and relive the experience of your cool photo through its equally cool photo enhancing tools.

Understanding the Significance of Photography

eeeA well-processed photograph is only a matter of skills and techniques, but there are also a few tricks that tend to have a better outcome. That’s what we are about to discuss in this article. We will help you understand the basics and significance of digital photography. Read on and hopefully you’ll learn something at the end of this article.

“The Rule of Thirds”

Professional photographers refers the rule of thirds as the simplest form of photography composition, since all they have to do is to take a nice frame and overlay nine equal grid sections. This simply means that they split the spaces into three specific parts.

Photographer’s Perspective

Photographers prefer photographing their subject in a straight on technique because for them it is the right frame and position. However, they can create their own visual impact by moving the digital camera in a position that is best for the subject. When they are under the subject, they feel that they are doing things right. Whatever their styles and techniques, Photographers know what they are doing. They often refer to photography tutorials to guide them in shooting a subject.

Moreover, photographers produce better best action cameras image outcome when they use post processing tool like Adobe Lightroom. They believe that the program have the power to help them modify their images in the most convenient way. They even have a list of lightroom presets in their respective programs.

Using Shapes and Lines

Using shapes and lines in editing tools is important to know the details of every part of the image. The eye of a random person cannot identify good results if they don’t have any idea what photography is all about. It is always best that when you are modifying an image, you must always use shapes and lines that will guide you in the editing process.


What To Expect In Lightroom 6?

hhhAdobe Lightroom has been consistent in providing better service to their users. As a matter of fact, their recent release called Lightroom 6 contains a lot of exciting features to look forward to. In this article, we will discuss the three features that were added to the program.

Facial Recognition/Detection

Adobe Lightroom added a feature that can automatically detect faces from the image. It was developed to assist photographers in tagging and locating people in the library module. Facial recognition has been around for quite some time now. It is present in all mobile devices and online processing tools. This feature will definitely help photographers save time.

What’s more exciting about this new version of Lightroom is that it allows photographers to create and assign tags and keywords. They can even use special codes and keywords to every picture they are working on. This will make photo sharing more convenient than ever since they can easily locate the files they want to share online.

HDR Feature

People look forward to this new feature in Lightroom 6 since it offers natural HDR effect. Unlike what we have in Lightroom 5 presets, HDR feature looks more natural and not edited. Photographers prefer using natural HDR effect to avoid over processed images.

Merge Panoramic Effect

Creating presets and combining panoramic images also made easier with this version of Lightroom. It is one of the most awaited features of all time since photographers want to have a new feature to explore to.

Moreover, the merge panorama effect has the ability to combine several images in both cylindrical and spherical mode.

These three additional features will definitely make all photographers life easy. Aside from the fact that it can modify hundreds of images at once, they can use natural HDR and panoramic effect whenever they want to use.



Enjoying the Latest Version of Lightroom

pic9Most people don’t realize that while photography is just about taking pictures here and there, it is not an easy task. It requires high level of skills to have a good quality image outcome. Ordinary hobbyist cannot do what most photographers make. What we know is that they simply hold the camera, click the button and that’s it.

In this article, we will discuss how to have a good outcome and what photographers use to produce a perfect image.

In today’s era, we are probably exposed to photo editing sites, and software. One of the most popular tool in the market before was Adobe Photoshop. Photographers use the program to help them modify their images slowly and manually. They invest most of their time and effort modifying an image to make it perfect.

However, with the growing demands of photography, Adobe Photoshop is already not enough to assist and guide the photographers. They need something new to help them. Fortunately, Adobe System, the developer of Photoshop created a new tool that will definitely help photographers in modifying their tons of images. The program is called Adobe Lightroom, released in 2007 and still continues to provide better upgrades. Check out more exciting bundles of lightroom presets at infoparrot.com.

As of the moment, the program has reached its 6th version of Lightroom wherein lots of features were added such as the Lightroom web sharing and Lightroom mobile. With this kind of version, users can modify their images thru mobile and share it online thru Lightroom web.

One of the best advantages of Adobe Lightroom 6 is that it allows users to explore outside the PC interface. Although there are still some minor issues, the developer will definitely make a way to fix it. As long as there are users who are willing to spend and use the program, Adobe system will continue to provide quality photo editing software.

Watch the video tutorial on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens:

The Perks of Using Adobe Lightroom’s Preset in Modifying Portrait Images

Digital Photography plays an important part in my life. Without it, everything will be so dull and boring. I make sure that I bring along with me my camera when I travel to explore the world. However, due to insufficient amount of skills and talent in photography, I need to prepare myself to become skilful and in my own little way of learning, I got the chance to understand the basics of photography.

pic4As years go by, my skills and knowledge about photography increases. I have tons of images saved in my PC storage. However, I realized that my images were in a mess and that I needed new software to help me manage it. Although Photoshop is a good tool for editing, it doesn’t have a feature that can store images. Luckily, Lightroom contains the entire feature that I need. From image organizing and management to image modifying.

Listed below are some of the advantages of using Lightroom presets in portrait images:

If you have a great idea of styles and designs in the back of your mind, you can immediately use the program to explore and experiment. Moreover, you can always have the chance to create a customized theme Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets for portrait images are downloadable on the web. So if you don’t have the skills to create a personalized preset, you can search for the best preset bundles online.

The most common advantages of Adobe Lightroom is that it allows you to do your own thing freely and it gives you the chance to save a lot of time, effort and money.

Hopefully, you’ll learn something from this article. If you’re still wondering what Lightroom is all about, you can always have the choice to start exploring the wonderful features of the program.



Why Does Photography Matter?

Welcome to WillRyan.us! I created this site for the love of photography and graphic designs. Moreover, I want to share all the wonderful things I’ve taken in my photography life.

Essentially, every time I travel and take wonderful shots, most people would ask me: “Why do you like to take photographs?” I simply answer them that photography has a deeper meaning. It’s not just about taking plain subjects, it’s also about capturing great stories behind simple things.

With this in mind, i decided to explain the reason why photography matters and how does it help us as a person.

Here are some of the reasons why photography matters to us.

images1The photographs remind us about the important things in life

Basically, if you are going to ask people about their greatest possessions, most of them would say that aside from all the material things and money, they give great value to their photography albums. Why? Because it reminds them where they come from and the wonderful memories and people in the past. For them, it’s not just a piece of photo paper, it contains a lot of memorable stories, reflections and learnings.

Photography is important to us because we want to preserve important and once in a lifetime event in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas holidays, house warming and other special occasion. Photographs are our personal diaries, which we can value in the future.

The images that we treasure is our legacy that we can pass to our children

If people in the past didn’t invent and develop photography, our lives will be boring and dull. Why? We cannot be able to see how we were when we are little, we cannot be proud of what we achieved in life, we would probably forget the people that passed by in our lives and lastly, we would not be able to capture important and meaningful life events.

We should be grateful that cameras were invented by people with brilliant minds and souls. They didn’t invent it to acquire fame and money, they invented it for the sake of preserving precious moments. The images that we take is not just for photo displays and contest, it is something that we can pass through generations to generations.

Photographs allows us to share all kinds of emotions

As what I’ve said earlier, photographs are not just mere papers with images, it is a representation of a great memento of the past. Moreover, it allows us to share kinds of emotions. The lens of the camera can either capture a sad or happy subject. As we can see in most social media platforms, teenagers and other netizens express their thoughts through images. They are comfortable with it since they don’t need to express their feelings verbally.  However, photography should be used in a more appropriate way.

photographyPhotography develops our artistic side

On the other hand, photography allows us to express our artistic side. However, it takes time before we can actually learn the art of taking professional shots. Also, raw images from the camera are not enough, it needs additional editing tool to process the images.

Photographs has the will and power to move and touch other people’s lives

In today’s generation, the media uses eye-catching and heart warming images to attract their viewers. To gather help from major calamities, most people post and share heart-breaking images such as crying children, broken houses and other unwanted scenarios. However, the media and people should be reminded to be responsible in sharing images. These images will somehow remind the victims about the hardship they went through with their lives. Basically, there is no way to bring back what was already lost, but with the help of these photographs, they will use it as a motivation to stand up, fight and live life once more.

Overall, photography is the most powerful tool to express our emotions and thoughts. All of the things explained above are the reasons why photography is important.

Thank you for visiting WillRyan.us!