Digital Photography Tips

Getting started in the world of digital photography can be very overwhelming in today’s generation. As technology continues to evolve, our DSLR cameras have more buttons, options and features to explore.

camera1However, don’t be fooled by every company’s awesome camera advertisements, marketing strategies and sales tactics. Photography today does not depend on how expensive and upgraded a camera is; the key to better photography is to know the basic.

There are hundreds of photography tips scattered online, most of it contains numerous methods to attain a perfect image. However, there are only three things that one should learn and explore to understand the whole process of photography.

You only need to learn how to manipulate and control these three basic camera options:

  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO / Film Speed

Shutter Speed

By definition, shutter speed is the length and duration of the shutter. If you’re a professional photographer, controlling the shutter speed in the camera is quite simple. But for starters, this option is quite confusing. In order to have a good picture, the camera needs a certain quality and amount of shutter and light.


Aperture is one of the most complex yet significant feature that is included in every camera. If you look at the lens of the camera, you’ll see a set of holes to let the light pass through the subject. That hole that is called the aperture. It can also be modified. So always remember that the larger the aperture, the more light gets through the image.


In the past years, there were no USB and hard drive for image storage. A camera film strip is needed for us to take pictures. These films contain a certain amount of ISO. It can be 100, 200 or 400. The higher the ISO rating, the more sensitive the film to light. It is also the same in today’s ISO setting in SLR cameras.

This photography tip is intended to give you a complete understanding about the whole concept of photography. Hopefully, you’ll learn something from this and we’ll make sure to give you more helpful and useful photography tips.