• Presets that can create film effects on your photos
  • A collection of presets for you to create that desired photo effect
  • Editing photos like a professional with the use of these presets for Lightroom


If you’re a film buff, you would definitely love Lightroom presets. Lightroom takes your photography to the next level in that you can also incorporate film effects to your photos.


Creating film effects to your photos is no longer exclusive to filmmakers, anyone who has downloaded these film Lightroom presets are capable of producing pictures that you would normally see in films.

This is actually cinematography, mass produced, courtesy of these film Lightroom presets. You can recreate scenes of your favorite movies through these presets, something that is not possible years ago.

But when these film Lightroom presets came into the scene, it is no surprise anymore that you get to see photos that has its semblance with what these great films are producing. Images that have great drama and depth, elements that were almost impossible to achieve with the use of old-fashioned cameras.

There are other presets available for Lightroom, but these film Lightroom presets are one of its sought-after apps because of its unique features. You can clearly see the background, middle ground and foreground that has always been the mark of a great film image.

And you can now emulate the likes of film greats such as Orson Welles or Francis Ford Coppola in churning out images with texture and some complexity to it. Using these presets, nonetheless, allows you to become a film photographer, capturing scenes that are iconic in the making.

What a privilege to have these film Lightroom presets with you! It is not enough that you’re just a film buff, you need to create images also that have a film-like effect and, if possible, produce blockbuster images in the process.