Welcome to WillRyan.us! I created this site for the love of photography and graphic designs. Moreover, I want to share all the wonderful things I’ve taken in my photography life.

Essentially, every time I travel and take wonderful shots, most people would ask me: “Why do you like to take photographs?” I simply answer them that photography has a deeper meaning. It’s not just about taking plain subjects, it’s also about capturing great stories behind simple things.

With this in mind, i decided to explain the reason why photography matters and how does it help us as a person.

Here are some of the reasons why photography matters to us.

images1The photographs remind us about the important things in life

Basically, if you are going to ask people about their greatest possessions, most of them would say that aside from all the material things and money, they give great value to their photography albums. Why? Because it reminds them where they come from and the wonderful memories and people in the past. For them, it’s not just a piece of photo paper, it contains a lot of memorable stories, reflections and learnings.

Photography is important to us because we want to preserve important and once in a lifetime event in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas holidays, house warming and other special occasion. Photographs are our personal diaries, which we can value in the future.

The images that we treasure is our legacy that we can pass to our children

If people in the past didn’t invent and develop photography, our lives will be boring and dull. Why? We cannot be able to see how we were when we are little, we cannot be proud of what we achieved in life, we would probably forget the people that passed by in our lives and lastly, we would not be able to capture important and meaningful life events.

We should be grateful that cameras were invented by people with brilliant minds and souls. They didn’t invent it to acquire fame and money, they invented it for the sake of preserving precious moments. The images that we take is not just for photo displays and contest, it is something that we can pass through generations to generations.

Photographs allows us to share all kinds of emotions

As what I’ve said earlier, photographs are not just mere papers with images, it is a representation of a great memento of the past. Moreover, it allows us to share kinds of emotions. The lens of the camera can either capture a sad or happy subject. As we can see in most social media platforms, teenagers and other netizens express their thoughts through images. They are comfortable with it since they don’t need to express their feelings verbally.  However, photography should be used in a more appropriate way.

photographyPhotography develops our artistic side

On the other hand, photography allows us to express our artistic side. However, it takes time before we can actually learn the art of taking professional shots. Also, raw images from the camera are not enough, it needs additional editing tool to process the images.

Photographs has the will and power to move and touch other people’s lives

In today’s generation, the media uses eye-catching and heart warming images to attract their viewers. To gather help from major calamities, most people post and share heart-breaking images such as crying children, broken houses and other unwanted scenarios. However, the media and people should be reminded to be responsible in sharing images. These images will somehow remind the victims about the hardship they went through with their lives. Basically, there is no way to bring back what was already lost, but with the help of these photographs, they will use it as a motivation to stand up, fight and live life once more.

Overall, photography is the most powerful tool to express our emotions and thoughts. All of the things explained above are the reasons why photography is important.

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