• Lightroom presets for your vintage photography
  • A photo editing app that allows you to have that 3D effect on your photos
  • Free Lightroom presets online which has its own storing system for your pictures

Going vintage for your photos has its own rewards. Many people consider these vintage effects on your photos as enriching and worth your while, especially when it has a touch of nostalgia in it. That’s the reason why this preset Lightroom vintage came into the fold. It brings out those good old times that you would normally associate with vintage photography.

This preset Lightroom vintage, moreover, comes in a variety of forms and style. You can choose from its diversified collection of vintage presets so you can enhance your photos according to its appropriate solution.


But why choose this preset Lightroom vintage? What makes it so special that many are using it when they wanted something vintage with their photos? You choose these presets because of the following:

  1. It allows you to have that 3D effect – Vintage photography in Lightroom enables you to create and enhance photos with that 3D effect. So meticulous and intricate is its effect that at the end of that editing process, you see pictures that so lifelike they are too good to be true.
  2. It allows you to experiment freely – Yes, this preset Lightroom vintage comes in a diversified manner that you can enhance your photos with different combinations, editing its layers and even those lines that are so hard to edit. Fade, cinematic, infrared, all the possible effect you can think of, Lightroom vintage has it all.
  3. It allows you to store them – And it has its own storing system, too. This is a unique feature not found with other photo enhancing apps. You can even share them afterwards with your friends. Such an advantage if you can have this preset Lightroom vintage in you.

Photo editing has come a long way. If in the old days we used to seek the services of a professional photographer when it comes to vintage photography, today, however, all you need to do is scour the web and find that appropriate preset for your photos.

And this preset Lightroom vintage is one of them. So if you want something new with your photos by presenting them in vintage form, then this Lightroom vintage is definitely the preset to use.